Functional Programming with Scala - workshop at NIT Calicut

Published on: 2013-02-27

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Functional Programming with Scala - workshop at NIT Calicut as part of FOSSMEET 2013

27 February, 2013

I was happy to be back at NIT Calicut once more for the FOSSMEET ... in the 2008 edition, I had fun teaching Python to school kids; this year, I was going to conduct a Workshop on functional programming with Scala.

The workshop was at the Software Systems lab and my former student Shijith was there to help me. I was expecting about 10-15 students and was surprised when close to 50 people turned up!

However, there was a small problem: a lot of first year (B.Tech) students in the audience, mixed with a bunch of M.Tech guys! This was a sure recipe for disaster ...

I had a bunch of 75 slides ready; in the end, I had to cut short most of it and give a very basic presentation!

Introduction to Functional Programming with Scala from pramode_ce

Anyway, I believe I was able to at least convey the idea that there is a cool language (Scala) and cool paradigm (FP) out there for interested people to explore! I hope to do better next time.