Announcing admission to next batch of my placement oriented training program

Published on: 2010-12-2

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Announcing admission to next batch of my placement oriented training program

Dec 2, 2010

I have been too lazy to update this blog after writing about the progress of the first batch of my placement oriented program - so first, some news about the current batch.

As expected, the response from startups has been very good - many students got a chance to attend quality tech interviews. Startups are understandably cautious about hiring people - unlike the Infy's and the TCS's they can't afford to have staff who need extensive "training". The usual hiring process has been first a coding assignment to be done on the machine and then a tech interview where again candidates are asked to write working code (it was amusing to see one company actually asking the student to write a FizzBuzz program). Half the students in the batch have got offers. More interviews are expected in the coming days.

But everything is not sunny in startup land. A few students had to refuse offers because of various factors like very low pay, lack of clarity regarding nature of job (the founders themselves were not able to give any convincing idea about their business plan and the role of the employee) etc. That's just part of the game.

Let me come back to the point of this blog post - I have started taking in students for the next batch (expected to start by the 2nd week of December). If you are a fresh engineering graduate (or know somebody who is) with good problem solving skills, I may be able to help you in your job search; please get in touch.