Announcing my Clojure blog!

Published on: 2010-4-29

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Announcing my Clojure blog!


Students who have gone through my "Java notes" know that I am a certified Java hater - they are surprised seeing me read books like "Core Java" and "Java Concurrency in practice"; have I changed my mind and decided to become a Java lover?

No chance! All these years have not changed my sentiments towards Java, the language. The reason I am learning Java these days is because an amazing guy called Rich Hickey has created a wonderful language, Clojure, and Clojure runs on the JVM. I need to understand Java, the platform, in order to understand Clojure.

If you are a developer thinking of learning a new programming language, do give Clojure a try - it implements some really neat ideas and has a very active community behind it. I will be sharing my experiments with Clojure on my Clojure blog; stay tuned!