I am going to move the GnuVision Blog to a new server

Published on: 2009-12-25

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I am going to move the GnuVision Blog to a new server


The title says it ... The new server will be a Linode VPS and it will also host a few other sites which I will be setting up shortly. I am also planning to say goodbye to Wordpress -- wordpress is indeed an amazing piece of software, but for a "minimalist" like me, something like Jekyll is much more attractive (do check it out if you are looking for a different blogging experience). I will write about my Jekyll experience once the blog migration is over.

Rohit Arondekar

Fri Dec 25 13:15:47 2009

Have you tried Heroku? If you don't have very heavy traffic you could host your blog for free on it. It's very nice.

Pramode C.E

Fri Dec 25 19:24:46 2009

I have heard of it; but if I am not mistaken, it is a pure Ruby platform, is it not? I need to run Erlang and some other stuff ... so I think a VPS is the only way to go. By the way, your site has one of the cleanest designs I have ever seen ... really amazing! You do yourself an injustice by saying that you were not "cut out to be a very good designer"!