The Hindu Editorial calls for Free Software in Healthcare

Published on: 2009-4-3

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The Hindu Editorial calls for Free Software in Healthcare


The solution to the problem of flexibility lies in free and open source software. India has already adopted open source approaches in administrative systems and education projects. This represents a good policy foundation on which to build a national eHealth system. It could, for a start, leverage the strengths of the large open source software community. The outcome would be a common electronic health platform covering clinical and administrative functions for government as well as private institutions, with full interoperability. What is more, the open source nature of the project is bound to attract software companies and communities of programmers to come up with innovative health applications. IT for Health

Anivar Aravind

Fri Apr 3 14:18:12 2009

It is written by a my friend G Anand. Kudos to him


Tue May 12 10:37:45 2009

According to IT,a software should be there for people who take care for health.Software gets demand in the public .Refer