A crisis becomes a crisis when it hits the suits!

Published on: 2009-2-14

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A crisis becomes a crisis when it hits the suits!


So says Sainath in this hard-hitting article in The Hindu. Oddly, 400 million human beings going to bed hungry every night was never thought of as a crisis. Certainly not one to be dealt with on a war footing. Within India, rural despair and breakdown meant little. Crisis is when the Sensex tanks. Meanwhile, U.S. banks and CEOs continue to educate us on the culture of corporate kleptocracy. Take Citigroup, which hogged $45 billion of public money at the bailout trough. Soon after, it sought to spend $50 million on a corporate jet a move that had to be squelched at the level of the Treasury Secretary. Think about it - a huge number of people in India as well as a lot of other countries live in a permanent state of "crisis" ....

Mon Feb 16 06:54:55 2009

Also worth thinking would be the reasons behind the perpetual crisis that has engulfed the agrarian dependent majority of our brothers and sisters (that silly pledge we repeated every day in school) being absent from the media landscape and our discussions and our consciousness. Why does a Sainath have to come and hit us hard for us to think about this? Why have we abstracted ourselves into merely discussions on Bangalore's and Chennai's and Hydb's and onsite's and offcourse free softare :-) when the masses out there are in perceptual crisis. Enforced on them by their on state's/Country's. Sainath has been trying to hit hard for like ages... This time his hit really found its mark amongst some of us when there is something far less in magnitude for us to identify with. So we can continue to think.. and think.. and think.. and in some days.. forget.. and soon this crisis will be over and the sensex would have regained and we would be back to our selfs. And Sainath would still be hitting without anyone noticing. On whose behalf's are we thinking?