Do you own your phone?

Published on: 2009-2-10

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Do you own your phone?


If so, *you* decide what all software you can run on it - not the manufacturer. If I buy a product, then I own it. If I own it, only I decide what software runs on the device or doesn't run. The cell phone makers and mobile operators make us buy the devices, not rent them. So they have not the least right to restrict their customers from doing whatever they want on the product they own. This is now the "Thanks" that the Linux Kernel developers get from companies like Google, Android or T-Mobile. They thank for being able to use the Linux kernel with locking out the very same people who wrote that kernel in the first place - as well as every other legitimate FOSS developer who wants to exercise his right to run modified versions of the program. Harald Welte: Pavel Machek looking for Android exploits


Sun Mar 8 05:28:55 2009

but I thnik android is another bad sauce from google.. it's free.thanks google but i herd that they wll include google ads support on it.