An Interesting response to the software dialectic

Published on: 2008-12-23

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An Interesting response to the "software dialectic"


Mike Chege writes: “Free as in speech, but not free as in beer,” is the refrain made famous by Richard Stallman, the standard bearer of the free software movement. However, many free software advocates seem to be of the opinion that the purity of free software is somehow tainted by any preoccupation with money or profit. Inevitably, this has implications for the economic sustainability of free software, for without a source of income, how can free software hope to survive? The challenge of finding a way to ensure economic sustainability without sacrificing the ideals of free software is what we have termed the “software dialectic.” Read the full essay Here is how Romeo Anghelache responds: So, because what defines humanity prevails over if you prefer pork or more pork, the question of Mr. Chege should be reframed: how can we correct the market so that the free software ideals get preserved? Better yet, how should we redefine the market so that humans can survive too? Read more ...