Kerala Microsoft Users group launched!

Published on: 2008-11-12

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Kerala Microsoft User's group launched!


Bill.G doesn't want to be left behind in God's own country: A venue that could accommodate 1000+ participants was blocked, since the mega launch was planned to incorporate maximum number of professionals, staffs and students (both engineering and non engineering). Kerala being a pre-dominantly FOSS-oriented state, Microsoft showed special interest in K-MUG activities and showed green signal to K-MUG launch event. K-MUG bagged the sponsorship from INETA as well. Read the K-MUG Ultra Mega Giga launch report! Lunch coupons were given during registration time and K-MUG served Kozhikode Chicken Biriyani and Vegetable Biriyani for the attendees. As per the feedback from participants, lunch was excellent. When history is written, the Kozhikodan Biriyani will surely be mentioned as once being in the service of the great Bill.G in his failed attempt to protect his empire from the attack of the FOSS warriors! Microsoft & INETA (international .NET association) provide the technical materials (CDs, books, online resources etc) , infrastructure support and faculties for conducting a statewide seminar drive, which would educate and inform the public and the student community about the Microsoft Technologies. Interesting ...... Launch commenced at half past ten with the welcome speech of Mr. Binoy.On the dais, we had Mr. Sreejumon, Mr. Mark D'Souza, Mr Jayakrishnan and Mr. Justin D' Couto. Mr. Veerendra Kumar MP got delayed due to the heavy rain in the city. After a grand welcome, Mr. Mark D' Souza gave an introduction about User Groups and the concept of knowledge sharing. Even more interesting .... MS and Knowledge Sharing! Mr.Mark does have a fine sense of humour. Anyway, poor Bill.G doesn't know how evil and perverted Mallus really are; so we can all register for the next MUG meet to eat free Chicken Biriyani's and come home to hack on FOSS!


Sat Dec 13 07:20:34 2008

FSFS Meeting News See


Sat Dec 13 07:20:52 2008

FSFS Meeting News See


Fri Nov 14 05:03:09 2008

exams take their own way:) Canteen!!!!![:)] there is no chance for changing to windows...[:)] but some may have a second thought on it... because food is a primary requirement for a college student especially hostlers...[:)] Mr Gates may be recommended for an award for amazing business strategies...


Wed Nov 12 12:58:24 2008

Mr. Veerendra Kumar MP!!! That man's presence there was astonishing! If he is a socialist, everybody is.


Wed Nov 12 14:38:40 2008

Sir, they seem to have done their homework. "The Way to a Man's Heart is Through His Stomach" .. alle? ;)


Wed Nov 12 16:31:56 2008

Hey Promod, FYI: K-MUG is not run by Bill.G, it is by "evil and perverted Mallus" :)

Hiran Venugopalan

Wed Nov 12 17:47:36 2008

Che!!! I missed a biriyaani! :) That too from kozhikode!! Tell them to host the next one at Kannur, their biriyaani is also awesome one :P

Pramode C.E

Thu Nov 13 03:10:23 2008

Sreejumon: Sure, because Bill.G is definitely busy doing "humanitarian" work with friend Nathan Myhrvold! Sandeep, Hiran: Waiting for a MUG meet in Trichur ... hope they arrange for a good Veggie sadya ....

Thu Nov 13 03:31:47 2008

At the event Indu Ramakrishnan from UST-Global speaked about "Innovation", parts of the video are there on the k-mug website(the same are there on youtube In around 2 minutes time, she uses "Former President APJ Abdul Kalam"s name twice and saying things about the future and dreams.... “The most unfortunate thing is that India still seems to believe in proprietary solutions. Further spread of IT which is influencing the daily life of individuals would have a devastating effect on the lives of society due to any small shift in the business practice involving these proprietary solutions. It is precisely for these reasons open source software needs to be built which would be cost effective for the entire society” - Abdul Kalam, President of India If there is someone reading this in UST Global, kindly bring this to her notice, also ask her to research more on Kalam's stand on Free and Open source software and the reasons behind those. But I guess these k-muggers are pretending to be sleeping, in which case happy mugging to them all. And all the best on your "mission impossible" -j

Sujith H

Thu Nov 13 06:20:51 2008

If MUG meet is there in trichur with veggie sadya, I will be there!!! Its been more than 2 years I had a sadya :)

Pramode C.E

Thu Nov 13 06:29:33 2008

Bristow: I thought you were busy preparing for exams - but never mind, there is a MUG meet in Cochin on 15th - have the Biriyani from there and come to the National Conference on Free Software at CUSAT! By the way, I have heard rumours that Microsoft has plans to sponsor Engineering college canteens if the students coming there are willing to switch from GNU/Linux to Windows; want to apply??


Thu Nov 13 09:42:42 2008

OMG !!! Is the global economy breakdown has also affected M$ ? I think they are in thirst for innovative ideas. Longhorn, Silverlight, Moonlight, Sunlight(oops, the trademark is owned by someone else, but don't worry, M$ will sue the company for IPR), Kozhikkodan Biriyani, what else to come ... It's a relief that someone had at last gave a good feedback for their "global" service : "... As per the feedback from participants, lunch was excellent..."


Thu Nov 13 02:58:39 2008

Sir, you should have told us... We are fed up with the hostel food...[:)]

Tue Dec 2 05:59:49 2008

sad to see so many microssoft bashing in this site


Fri Nov 14 19:35:22 2008

MUG sponsored Biriyani for unofficial gathering of FOSS people .. good :).