The Freedom Walkers At Thrissur

Published on: 2008-10-25

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The Freedom Walkers At Thrissur


The Freedom Walkers arrived at P.G.Centre, Thrissur today morning at about 10:30. I was there with two of my students to receive them. Anoop gave a brief and informal presentation about the objectives of the Freedom Walk. He stressed on the need to bring together the different Free Software communities spread out all over Kerala. A "solid" outcome of today's meeting was the resolution to bring the Free Software User's group (Thrissur) to life once again - keep watching this space for announcements ... There was a small surprise - one of the Freedom Walker's introduced himself as Cherry - I am sure Anish would recognize him!


Sun Oct 26 08:59:08 2008

Sir, you wont believe.. I actually thought of him (Cherry) today morning.. (What a coincidence!).. Vivek.

Pramode C.E

Sun Oct 26 07:58:39 2008

Well, well, he *is* a bit disappointed :-(

Anish Bhaskaran

Sat Oct 25 20:34:51 2008

Definitely!!! Its been really long that I heard about him. Its my bad, that I never thanked him for the lot of information and exposure he gave to me. I hope he is doing well, and is not extremely disappointed in me :)

Pramode C.E

Tue Oct 28 06:32:55 2008

That's interesting ....