Hack the MaSH!

Published on: 2008-9-23

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Hack the MaSH!


SPACE has an interesting contest for students: Hack the MaSH The idea is to introduce students to the process of writing good quality code for Free Software projects. A few third semester students compiled and tried out MaSH and came with a "bug report" in my class - I used that opportunity to do a quick "real-time" demo of bug-squashing - Alex identified the problem and we had it fixed easily ...

Pramode C.E

Wed Sep 24 13:04:56 2008

Hi Balu, The fuss is not really against Windows but against certain "business models and practices" .... understanding it would require not just logical reasoning (which almost all of us are capable of) but also a radical shift in perspective (which not many of us would be able to achieve).

Wed Sep 24 16:19:59 2008

Balu might want to read the whole of the open letter below: http://deepakphatak.blogspot.com/2008/05/this-is.html And then decide whether to characterize concerns about microsoft as "Fuss" or some real concern. Will some This is just one of many examples.


Wed Sep 24 03:47:54 2008

Hello Sir, I am working in IT industry for past 3 years. For my personal use I use Windows and for professional use, I use more of Windows and little bit of Linux. I could not reason what is all the fuss against Windows, because we(small, mid-sized, big IT firms) also do similar business as Windows. We also thrive with the money got by selling source code, executables and related services. We also demand for AMC(Annual Maintenance Contract) for providing extended services. Thanks, Balu.