Byte of Python Updated!

Published on: 2008-9-5

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"Byte of Python" Updated!


Swaroop has updated his book Byte of Python - this is the book which most of my students read at the beginning of their journey into Python-land! Check out Swaroop's blog entry regarding the update to get a feel of the impact which a free book can have - here is one incidence which Swaroop mentions: A person in Vienna, Austria changed his career from a sys-admin job which he didnít like, to teaching children about programming, a job he loves. Wow! Again, this is so humbling. I could have never imagined that a small book can make such a difference. Yes, small books can make a difference - and a lot of people now have a chance to do just that! Swaroop's experience also sums up why people write Free Software - You can Have Fun, and Make A Difference! Isn't that a wonderful thing?

Manoj Kharde

Sun Sep 7 06:26:38 2008

The best book for newbies learning Python. This book is a must for every student, professional venturing into Python Programming. Thanks a lot Swaroop.

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Sat Sep 6 09:21:16 2008

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sujith h

Sat Sep 6 09:58:48 2008

Yes it is a good experience that swaroop had shared with us.