Google SOC projects announced

Published on: 2008-4-22

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Google SOC projects announced


Check out Here are the projects from my students at Govt Engineering college, Trichur: Full Text Search Implementation for the content management system, Bricolage Zope2 on Python2.5 All Indic Language Themes and Improvements in Tuxtype Additional Features to Tuxtype In addition, we also have three mentors from GECT this year.


Tue Apr 22 05:41:25 2008

Great going, sir. Who is the third mentor?

Pramode C.E

Tue Apr 22 06:37:55 2008



Tue Apr 22 21:27:32 2008

Great job, sir. Totally appreciate your ability to motivate people. Are these the only projects frm Kerala.

Pramode C.E

Wed Apr 23 03:03:01 2008

Not sure about exactly how many projects from Kerala - but there should be more ...


Wed Apr 23 14:21:17 2008

Thats good news! Congrats to you and the students.

sujith h

Thu Apr 24 08:11:28 2008

This is really a good news!!!

Pramode C.E

Thu Apr 24 09:28:22 2008

Please check out: If you know of students/mentors from India, please add to the list.