Candle light vigil for document freedom

Published on: 2008-4-12

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Candle light vigil for document freedom


If you are a resident of Bangalore and care about such things like open standards, make sure that you participate in the Candle light vigil for document freedom. If you are an employee of TCS, Infosys or Wipro (or know people working in these companies), try to bring the following document to the notice of as many people in your organization as you can: An open letter to Wipro, Infosys and TCS Update: Check out a report in Hindu

Anivar Aravind

Sat Apr 12 10:22:42 2008

Thanks for the needed act Wipro abstained their vote later. We missed NASSCOM in this openletter. The full list is available in Venky's blog

DB Cooper

Tue Apr 15 02:54:21 2008

Hello, I am doing some research concerning TCS in the United States. I would be very happy to talk to you about what concerns you about these data issues. I am not aware of how Indians view TCS and would be more than happy to hear your opinion. Thanks for any feedback.

sujith h

Tue Apr 15 05:05:50 2008

It would be nice to have a placard displaying the message to wipro,tcs and infosys saying "Get well soon".