KSEB Goes for Free Software

Published on: 2008-3-10

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KSEB Goes for Free Software


The Kerala State Electricity Board has developed a billing solution called `Oruma' using Free Software. The newspaper ad says: KSEB becomes a model for the whole country - develops a novel billing solution using Free Software instead of monopoly software. kseb4


Mon Mar 10 11:37:06 2008

Wow... Cheers to the State Government. In the add, they have also explained why they choose Free Software. Very much appreciated..


Mon Mar 10 20:03:13 2008

Way to go! Yet another good move by the government. By the way, is it the KSEB that developed the billing solution? If so, that means that government employees are in fact getting educated in using GNU/Linux tools.


Tue Mar 11 01:21:48 2008

KSEB once started automation with microsoft back office. Already paid much and now going to free software. But our department, where automation is in the begining state, still uses m$. yesterday we got an acer pc with m$ softwares just for 60K!. If govt is allowing such purchases how will our officers think abt Free software?

Pramode C.E

Tue Mar 11 05:00:16 2008

Prasad, maybe you can do a bit of Free Software evangelism in your office! Dinil, yes, it seems the software is developed `in-house'! Tinku, let's hope it doesn't stop with the KSEB ...


Fri Mar 21 06:11:02 2008

Yes friends .ORUMA is develepoed by an inhouse team of KSEB. Using PGSQL as ORDBS and PHP as scripting langauage.

Justin Roy

Wed Mar 26 00:46:17 2008

hi all, ORUMA is 100% in-house developed software. Few more projects are in pipe-line.

Pramode C.E

Wed Mar 26 04:53:03 2008

Krishnakumar, Justin: Thanks for the info! Do keep us updated on the new projects.

john crabtree

Mon Apr 21 11:06:58 2008

Well done!