The Morse-Thue Sequence

Published on: 2008-2-10

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The Morse-Thue Sequence


The Fibonacci sequence is the only sequence
that has more interesting, almost magical proper-
ties than the Morse-Thue sequence. Perhaps we
should bring the two together.
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That's the sequence I was talking about it in the last post

Read the wikipedia entry

You can write a few simple scripts to generate terms of this series. Try using the Python `turtle' module to visualize the sequence - you can see the Koch snowflake coming up magically!

Don't forget to check out the links at the end of the Wikipedia entry!

Here is a quick turtle tutorial:

import turtle

Anish Bhaskaran

Mon Feb 11 09:22:07 2008

I spent an hour learning (mostly guessing and trying out) how to write if, else, while and mainly array appending to write this program.. But the output of the 10-15 lines i wrote were fascinating.. really wonderful.. how could simple 1's and 0's can make such nice snowflakes.. It was just magic.. Really thanks for the quick turtle tutorial.. it motivated the most.. :)

Pramode C.E

Mon Feb 11 10:41:18 2008

The turtle is really cool! There is a paper (links section of the wiki entry) which explains the relation between this series and the Koch snowflake ... People have even made music from this series ... Just imagine how many kids would have been attracted to math and science had they been shown stuff like this in school!