Microsoft is like the Matrix!

Published on: 2008-2-3

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Microsoft is like the Matrix!


Microsoft is like the Matrix! Good writing - though calling Linus a `follower' of RMS is going a bit too far ... Here are a few more things to read: Why MS must control OLPC Bill Gates invades the land of Linus Yanking the Window shades And finally: Yahoo takeover ...


Sun Feb 3 16:07:19 2008

Can't believe that even corporations like BBC are involved in such ugly politics (!! I was unaware of most of these recent news; thanks for sharing. Whatever a supporter of M$ calls it, that it is part of marketing or competing, there is no doubt, such a supporter is either completely ignorant or doesn't want to think beyond what his/her ego permits!

Maxin B. John

Mon Feb 4 07:06:58 2008

Sir, I was thinking about Hareesh and friends who are working with Yahoo... I don't know what Microsoft is going to do with the Perl + PHP ( and sometimes Lisp) based Yahoo.. There is a problem with the link "Bill Gates invades the land of Linus". I think this is the right one :) or

Pramode C.E

Mon Feb 4 07:53:48 2008

Corrected the link; thanks Maxin. Whatever be the case, I don't think MS would be stupid to convert everything to "MS technology" :-) MS as a company has become irrelevant - the day all hardware vendors start releasing the specs of their devices, the last `technical' reason anybody would have for using Windows will vanish. But then, MS is a "system", and the majority of the world still believes that no other options are possible. Projects like OLPC are very "disruptive" in the sense they shatter this myth very effectively - from the bottom up! The gigantic economic and political might which they have acquired by perpetuating this myth will be used aggressively to protect it at all costs - but this time, I am sure the odds will be against them. They will fail - and that will be a signal to other `aspiring' MS's to think twice before playing the same kind of game again!