Happy New Year!

Published on: 2008-1-1

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Happy New Year!


A Very Happy New Year to all of you dear readers! As usual, people are making predictions for 2008 ... Here is one such: Technology in 2008 Prediction (3) should give us joy - we are moving closer to world domination! On a personal note, I am still running after doctors/hospitals ...

Anish Bhaskaran

Wed Jan 2 05:33:08 2008

Happy new year to you too sir..

Wed Jan 2 06:53:00 2008

I have been a regular visitor to your blog for whatever it is worth. Wish you a very happy new year and hope that the issues causing you to go after doctors and hospitals get resolved soon.


Wed Jan 2 08:03:40 2008

Wish you a very Happy New Year!!!

Wed Jan 2 14:45:27 2008

Happy new year to you too sir. And get well soon .. (I assume there is no new reason for running after doctors/hospitals) -Vivek


Fri Jan 4 17:17:03 2008

Yeah, going open source seems to be the only way out for survival in the operating system/applications business!!

Swaroop C H

Sun Jan 6 16:25:21 2008

Happy New Year :) Have a good 2008!