Welcome to my new Blog!

Published on: 2007-11-13

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Welcome to my new Blog!


"The GnuVision Blog" is `officially' up and running!! My home page, pramode.net will now be the unified blog-plus-home-page. The contents of the `old' pramode.net is available under the `Articles' and `About' section. The LiveJournal site http://pramode-ce.livejournal.com will no longer be updated. The "Gnuvision Blog" runs on Wordpress - the theme is `Cutline' which I first saw on Atanu's deeshaa.org. I had to write a few lines of HTML/PHP code to get the layout which I wanted. Please let me know if there are any rendering problems (or other bugs) - suggestions on improving the layout are also *very* welcome!


Wed Nov 14 13:16:44 2007

Hey Pramod ! Nice new home, Nice Layout Regards Manish

Pramode C.E

Wed Nov 14 10:55:41 2007

Thanks for the report, Sujith! And Welcome to GnuVision!!

sujith h

Wed Nov 14 05:36:09 2007

For me Iceweasel renders perfectly. So I hope all debian etch users will also have no problem with rendering, while reading your blog.


Wed Nov 14 20:43:25 2007

Hi Sir, It's really nice :) I've been wanting something like this for sometime... now I am more tempted! Anyway it can wait. Rendering is good in IE7@Vista; Also good with FF3beta1. Sandeep. (I am honored to be there in the blogroll)

Pramode C.E

Thu Nov 15 03:38:29 2007

Hi Sandeep, You can just take a domain now and set up the site later when you get time. Wordpress lets you do a lot of customizations, only thing is you will have to dabble in a bit of PHP/HTML ...


Thu Nov 15 10:36:23 2007

Thats a good image you selected .. reflects the title.

Pramode C.E

Thu Nov 15 15:13:59 2007

Dinil, its a photo I took when we were at IISc last year!


Thu Nov 15 17:38:54 2007

Wow .. thats cool .. and artistic of you to have it here!


Thu Nov 15 18:18:04 2007

Sir, This is really nice. I had seen your experiments in the fsug site and was expecting such a layout, and now this is a surprise. :)

Pramode C.E

Fri Nov 16 03:44:16 2007

Vivek, the `Cutline' theme seemed to be simpler - even though it is not as popular as the one I experimented with on fsugtsr!


Fri Nov 16 07:05:01 2007

Clean and Simple layout.. I like it... At first glance, no layout overflows as well as rendering issues with Konqueror, Firefox and Opera 9 under Mandriva 2007 Spring... More to explore :)

Pramode C.E

Fri Nov 16 09:33:03 2007

Thanks for the report, Tinku!


Fri Nov 16 11:44:07 2007

cool look!