Experiments with the ATNGW100 - Part 6

Published on: 2007-9-11

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Experiments with the ATNGW100 - Part 6


The AT32AP7000 processor has two 16 bit timer/counter units each with three independent channels. TC0 (timer/counter unit 0) is used by the GNU/Linux kernel - so we will not touch it. We shall see how to program the timer/counter unit 1. Programming the TC This is off-topic, but I think I should mention it. There ARE a lot of people who can never be motivated. Whatever you do, they simply won't change a bit. Sort of like the Malayalam saying in which a kid tells his uncle: `don't beat me uncle, I will not change'. I have been having a lot of frustration dealing with whole batch full of such students. But there seems to be a ray of hope. The current batch of 3rd sem students seem to be different. I had mentioned something about the `Obfuscated C code contest' in class yesterday and I see one fellow coming up with such a program today! I had asked them to read K&P and I see a few of them actually reading it and even coming and asking doubts! I mention something about `path' in class and I hear one or two guys shouting about `environment variables'. And, wonder of wonders, I see *boys* getting up and coming to class at 6:45 AM so that they can do something before I start my `regular' class at 7:15! Don't know how long this will last ... but I have hopes ...

Carlos Ribeiro

Fri Jan 25 02:22:00 2008

Hi Pramode, many thanks for contribution on avr32, i've been trying to setup timer1 on ngw100 but i keep looping arround and dont get it working, i need to setup timer1 to generate a 1.2ms interrupt for reading a 24bit stream coming up on a pin of atngw100. About your students, I myself have that feeling, in a class of 30 students i can point 2 or 3 students that are interested on learning the others are the `don’t beat me uncle, I will not change’ :) Best Regards, Carlos Ribeiro PS:sorry about my bad writting