B.Tech Stinks ...

Published on: 2007-8-17

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B.Tech Stinks ...


That's what Kishore has to say. If I were to write something about this topic, I will go totally out of control, so I won't attempt it. I still remember furiously attacking the author of a Hindi story by scribbling along the length and breadth of my textbook - I don't remember why - maybe because I found the story stupid and was angry at my teacher who made me learn the thing by-heart. What we see in B.Tech is just a continuation of the same `methodology'. My advice to Kishore would be this - it's not easy for us to fight the system - as they say, `when you are in Rome, do as the Romans do'. So do whatever is necessary to get good marks. In the meantime, develop interest in some subject and pursue that with passion; that will compensate for all those hours of boredom!

Gagan B. Mishra

Thu Dec 27 12:51:44 2007

yeah absolutely! in the end what matters is marks/percentage/CGPA etc. Though I wasnt kind of person running after them, I do sometimes regret for not being like that.