I am an inventor!

Published on: 2007-5-21

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I am an inventor!


The US patent office has granted me patent no: 776865656C for what I describe to be: A sophisticated mechanism to reduce frictional loss in man-made moving objects by converting applied force to angular momentum. I expect to get handsome royalties from this patent, enough to let me spend the rest of my life in the pursuit of leisure. It's ridiculous that people admonish companies like MS for having claimed that the the Linux kernel violates 235 Microsoft patents. A company like MS, which has been at the forefront of the OS business, is sure to have invented most of the crucial ideas behind the working of an OS kernel - even a school kid can tell you that. Ideas like:

would have originated only from Microsoft research labs. Shame on all of you GNU/Linux hackers for having stolen ideas from poor Bill G. People really have no respect for inventors. Look at the state of that primitive art called Yoga - until it was polished and scientifically improved in the west, ( like this ), it was fit only for primitives. Now, the brilliant innovators responsible for doing this are being ridiculed simply because they decided to take patents on their discoveries (thanks to Dinil for the link). PS: This blog entry should have been dated April 1.


Wed Nov 28 06:57:16 2007

you mean the wheel?

Pramode C.E

Thu Dec 20 11:20:51 2007