USB Interfacing with GNU/Linux and PIC 18F2455 - Part 3

Published on: 2007-4-28

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USB Interfacing with GNU/Linux and PIC 18F2455 - Part 3


Completed interfacing an LCD panel with the USB PIC, thanks to Anish. We are still not able to get interrupt URB's working properly - except that, everything is OK. usbdev Coming next: A comprehensive tutorial on developing USB gadgets with GNU/Linux and PIC! We hope to get it published as an LDP HOWTO.

DJ Fadereu

Wed Dec 12 11:26:00 2007

Hi Pramod - This tutorial is exactly what i'm looking for! Could you kindly elaborate more on the structure of the hardware interface needed to make my onboard laptop USB (running Ubuntu Gutsy) talk with a PIC? If its from a slightly hardware novice perspective (for a newbie!) it'll really help. I can also offer to edit/write more details for your document if you wish, to make it more accessible! :)

Marco Amadori

Tue Mar 25 09:55:21 2008

This tutorial would be really appreciated, a lot of Windows machine in the company where I work are used just for PIC developments, where SDCC plus Piklab could replace them easely... we just lack good and easy to find documentation.