Microchip 16 bit design contest!

Published on: 2007-4-21

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Microchip 16 bit design contest!


Microchip/Circuit cellar have announced a 16 bit embedded control design contest - the idea is to promote the use of the dsPIC family of controllers. Microchip is giving out a generous sample of components to the contest participants - here is what I got: p1 p2 I find the ENC28J60 device very interesting - it's an ethernet controller using which your microcontroller can communicate over an ethernet LAN! Any good ideas to create a prize winning entry?


Wed May 7 17:49:50 2008

Hy! I would likeof know if i must program(configure) the enc28j60 before of put it in net? or i get configure it directly in net? Please answer me! Thanks!