A myth called the Indian Programmer

Published on: 2007-2-20

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A myth called the Indian Programmer


"The entrance test to join TCS is a joke compared to the one in Trilogy. That speaks of what the Indian firms are looking for." "There is nothing new to learn from the job I am doing in Pune. I could have done it with some training even after passing high school," says a 25-year-old who joined Infosys after finishing his engineering course in Nagpur. Software engineers, are increasingly getting dejected. Sachin Rao, one of the coders stuck in the routine of a job that does not excite him anymore, has been toying with the idea of moving out of Infosys but cannot find a different kind of "break", given his coding experience. A myth called the Indian Programmer The use of the term `coder' in a derogatory way bothers me ...

slash dot

Mon Jan 7 06:56:42 2008

I am software developer(actually coder). I have been in the industry long enough, have worked on product dev in US and here. I now do sustenance of old code, with help from a lot of brain dead coders. I dont think coder is a deragorty term because that is what we do for a living. In future the term architect may also invoke an image which is deragatory since most coders move on to become architects. Please dont give too much power to a word(coder).