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Published on: 2006-8-22

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Down with back pain for the past few days - no classes, spent my time mostly sleeping. Feeling a bit OK now.

Ajith is in Kerala to spread the word about Phoenix; he had taken a class for University teachers in Trivandrum yesterday. He says that awareness about GNU/Linux was very low amongst the people who attended his workshop. He also gave a demo to RMS who is in India in connection with the GPLv3 conference. RMS talked about the need for more free hardware, especially free CPU cores.

Ajith did a Phoenix demo at Kuttippuram engg college today - I had plans to go, but couldn't because of the back pain.

Talking of CPU cores, got myself an Altera UP3 board. Should learn a bit of Verilog/VHDL (maybe, some other cool stuff, like MyHDL) and build a small microprocessor of my own!