Bill G in India

Published on: 2005-12-8

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Bill G in India


Soon after FOSS.IN, it's time for Bill Gates to spread the light of Windows all over India. We are about to witness yet another spectacle of our beloved ministers and Industry `visionaries' queuing up to get his `Darshan'. Meanwhile, Bill G himself tells us that he has a `special' version of Windows XP built specifically for the Indian market!

It seems the Indian Software `Industry' cares little about `Free and Open Source Software'. Why else would an `industry friendly' event like FOSS.IN have difficulty with sponsors? Companies are under no obligation to give money away for "charity", but one would have expected Indian giants like Wipro, TCS, Infy etc to have shown some solidarity by way of sponsorships. Is it the case that GNU/Linux is not even a tiny `blip' on the radar of these companies?