Testing The Blackfin Stamp, Report from Microsoft

Published on: 2005-11-20

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Testing The Blackfin Stamp, Report from Microsoft


Got an Analog Devices Blackfin processor based board (BF533 Stamp) yesterday - it's a completely `Free' design, runs uClinux and even has a Tux logo on the PCB!. Just got time to plug in a serial cable and see it booting - real cool stuff! Had a long chat with Sandeep and Antony - Sandeep was quite enthusiastic about his work at Microsoft - says it's a good company to work for! Bill.G is making lots of money, but it seems he is giving away a lot of it for charity - whether this is a publicity stunt or not, if his money is bringing comfort to the needy, he should be a better man than many of us who love to portray him as the devil.

Santhosh Samarthyam

Wed Jan 2 14:22:19 2008

Hello Sir, Thank you for maintaining such a wonderful site. It makes sure that the spirit is alive and bubbly in some part of the world. I just wanted to know where to get all the stuff like the one mentioned in this article(in India). I am in Vellore/TN Thanks Santhosh S.R

Pramode C.E

Wed Jan 2 16:30:26 2008

Hi Santhosh, Thanks for dropping by ... The BF Stamp is I think not available in India. I got it from a student who procured it from the US. Same is the case with almost all kinds of embedded development boards (ARM, MIPS etc) - there don't seem to be many Indian dealers. You can check out spjsystems.com - they recently brought out an Atmel ARM board running GNU/Linux. I had ordered a few items from digikey.com - shipping is very expensive and getting customs clearance once the stuff lands in India is sometimes tedious.