Navnirmiti - Making elementary math/science education meaningful, fun and exciting

Published on: 2005-11-5

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Navnirmiti - Making elementary math/science education meaningful, fun and exciting


I had heard about Navnirmiti some time back as a unique establishment working to bring about universalisation of elementary math and science skills - the `do and discover' method developed by the organisation teaches math by relating it to the physical world around us - little kids learn math concepts not by having them taught but by discovering it for themselves during the process of `play'! The leading light behind the institute is social activist and trade unionist Vivek Monteiro who holds MS and PhD in Mathematics and Theoretical Physics from Caltech and the University of New York and who worked as a post-doc at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research before becoming a full time social activist. He was a student of Richard Feynman! Read more about Dr.Vivek Monteiro Dr.Monteiro developed his methods of "teaching through play" in the course of 25 years of interaction with young kids who used to come to his house to get help with their math problems. The Hindu reports that he was in Thrissur yesterday to train a group of teachers. People like him are rare to come by, and they are the true visionaries.

Ayse Erzan

Thu Jun 19 21:52:23 2008

You are doing a wonderful job.

senthil s

Fri Jul 4 12:02:28 2008

The interesting thing is that Vivek came back to India and became a trade unionist. btw i am working for cisco in blr and like ur site a lot...all the tech stuff.. i wish i was there.. -S

Pramode C.E

Sat Jul 5 03:56:00 2008

Thanks for coming by, Senthil.


Wed Feb 18 09:33:19 2009

Vivek is doing in a quiet way what many of us just talk about! Let us support him and others like him in our own small ways.