MBA Scam

Published on: 2005-10-12

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MBA Scam


If what these guys are telling is true (and I won't be surprised if it is really *true*), it shows how easy it is to use the media to deceive people - I too have seen the IIPM ads and thought that the institute must be really `cool' - even better than the IIM's. That said, it is sad to see intelligent students lining up for a MBA after their B.Tech as if it is the gateway towards something `higher'. Guys who got wise *after* they did a MBA have told me that it is one of the silliest courses ever invented - I won't pass judgement until I get an idea of what they teach you in the so called B-Schools. But one thing is sure - it's time our goverment shut down all the IIM's - or made the students pay for the course fully (no subsidies). It's true that most IITians migrate to the USA - but they have atleast done the country proud by doing really great technical work. What do these IIM guys do? After graduation, join multinational `consulting' firms with fancy names like `McKinsey' (or whatever ..) and earn a fat salary selling soap, powder, cosmetics .... (there are indeed IIM guys who venture out on their own and start innovative wealth and employment generating enterprises - but I am told that they number just one or two in a batch; and the media is seldom interested in them).


Thu Jan 29 15:36:58 2009

Very restricted vision... U missed the big pictures.. and whoever "MBA" has told u all may have his own viewpoint which either u have misinterpreted or he has grown out of sheer depression in MBA... Things are far different from what u say...