Python Numeric and Pygame

Published on: 2005-10-10

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Python Numeric and Pygame


The `Numeric' module brings in high-speed matrix processing to the world of Python. Read Exploring Numeric and Pygame


Sun Mar 8 06:09:59 2009

we are including ''free software in mathematics'' as a paper in a semester for B.Sc. mathenatics syllabus of Calicut help by giving the softwares to be included & the list of books required for this ..we plan to use ubuntu 8.10 & its repositories-ramesan

Pramode C.E

Mon Mar 9 03:25:27 2009

Good idea! The software which comes to my mind include (a) SAGE - a great Python based framework for number theory and other such "pure" math and (b) Scilab/Octave for Engineering mathematics

Pramode C.E

Mon Mar 9 04:14:47 2009

A suggestion - why not put up a wiki so that the community can provide inputs?