Atmega8 Programming with Linux

Published on: 2005-10-7

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Atmega8 Programming with Linux


One of the best low-end microcontrollers available in the market these days is the Atmega8 - I recommend it to most of my students and prefer using it myself. Wiring up a small programming board, getting the toolchain (GNU) compiled and installed properly and running an LED-blinker is an exciting exercise for a beginner. I have put up my Linux For You article on Atmega8 programming with Linux online; read it here. Even though it's better to write your code in C, it's always good to know a bit of assembly level stuff; here is a short note about Atmega8 asm programming.

Thu Apr 3 14:35:53 2008

i want a software for biurning projects in atmega8 in windows. can u sugests any plan is to set alab at home....


Sun Jun 1 12:34:22 2008

Winavr is the best known freesoftware for ur needs I believe. Join a yahoogroup named 'booksbibin' download the files from it.Follow it.You will get basics.