India Means Quality

Published on: 2005-9-25

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India Means "Quality"


Two interesting articles: Did you know that 75% of the world’s CMM Level 5 software centers were in India? Here’s how the quality movement transformed the Indian IT services industry.... Outside the “First World offices” of the Indian software and BPO firms is a huge and crowded Third World country with all its challenges and limitations. You’d immediately sense and experience the issues and problems of a developing economy. And yet, surrounded by the sea of “non quality” there are these hundreds of world-class organizations in the software, systems engineering and the BPO space, epitomizing excellence. These are routinely visited by foreign delegations and even country leaders; these are the temples, the Taj Mahals of modern India, proud showpieces for a not-so-otherwise proud population. Read More... A quick Nexis search revealed four companies—Cognizant, Patni, Satyam and Zensar—claiming "enterprise CMM 5," with no explanation of where the assessments were conducted or how many projects were assessed, or by whom. Dozens more companies trumpet their CMM levels with little or no explanation. Read More.... Food for thought?