Digital Speed Control with RTAI/Linux

Published on: 2005-9-5

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Digital Speed Control with RTAI/Linux


Digital Speed Control with RTAI/Linux The article is by Sreejith, an Electrical Engg student of mine who has an interest in GNU/Linux and Free Software. I had asked a few Computer Science students to prepare an RTAI system for some experiment (apply patch, recompile, configure the boot loader) - I was not at all surprised to see that they found this exercise extremely `challenging'. Give me an intelligent and hardworking electrical/mech/civil whatever student and in 3 month's time, I can make him do whatever a final semester CS guy is capable of. To be fair, give me an intelligent CS guy and in three months time, somebody who knows electronics/electrical engineering much better than me would make him capable of doing whatever an electrical/electronics guy is capable of. Is this a reflection on the depth of CS/ECE/EEE? Absolutely NOOOOOOOOOO.... It's a reflection of how much we really learn in Engineering School. Which is, NOTHING. Four year's of Engineering education is an absolute waste of time. As I am contesting in the elections this time and hope to get the education portfolio, I will introduce a Bill which will cut short 4-year's of B.Tech into 4 months.


Fri Aug 22 04:24:50 2008

"Four year’s of Engineering education is an absolute waste of time" Well i don't agree with that... Engineering education i feel is just a pool of available choices as to which specialization you have to move on... Anyway nice time going through your blogs.. Hope to see more electronics related stuff here...